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Los actores hacen un gran trabajo con sus voces. Me gusta mucho la dinámica entre los amigos. El juego tiene muchísimo potencial. Recomendadísimo!
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damn i like this one

Thanks for playing! :) -Mark


Great demo, wishlisted. Looking forward to more of these guys' energy. 

Click if you're cute, click if you aren't but want to be. 

Great game demo. Keep up the unseen horror mixed with stupid jump scares to advance the main characters relationship and awesome audio.

The car alarmmade me think the car was actually outside my apartment. It reminded me of Skyrim with sound mods where the waterfall and rain sounds were very real. Probably great on Sennheiser 58x. Too flat on my still owned HD600 (sold the former) and Neumann NDH30 really made me look since these offer really big audio for studio headphones without loosing accuracy.

If you keep THIS art style or era, audio too and possibly this well written story / characters - interacting with horror elements, then a simple random shoutout and play session with this game will catapult you guys like Vampire Survivors and Halls of Hell, except the genre is less "popular", I assume.

Good luck on getting the game out with enough funds - I seriously can not wait and that is the first time I would say except maybe Fallout 2 in 3D.

Thank you very much! :) -Mark


absolutely loved this game, really old school vibes with a great atmosphere

They call me the trash man. I get in the game and I start picking up trash all over the place!

This was genuinely such a great demo! Loved the humour, the gameplay and the puzzles and mystery and horror and just everything. You both have done a great job constructing an intriguing story that one would want to know more about! Love the visuals and the face expressions, and can't wait for more!

oh wow this looks cool

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Hi, i tried to run your game but on the first screen i heard my GPU start coil whining, checked the settings and it was *maxxed out*. Given that its a current gen card, this probably isint good. Its a 6700XT

coild whine can happen at any load if the tech is not top quality. I did hear nothing on my 3070 at 4k but who knows.

impressive... what a talent, I loved his game.<3

Thank you kindly!

game rules, congrats on being fully funded! can't wait to play!

Thank you!

I loved this game so so much, as you may know since I keep begging for its release on twitter <3

Thanks for making such a wonderful and captivating story so far, looking forward to get full game

Man did I underestimate this game.

The comedy and the horror blended together so well, something I don't think is easy to achieve.

I really CANNOT wait for the full release. I don't play many fixed perspective games but this one was brilliant.

Play this game. (or watch my video 🙂)

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The game was intriguing.. I'm getting a Silent Hill/Resident Evil Vibe, It has that survival horror aspect that a lotta games miss.

It was a little slow in the beginning, but it adds that FOMO(Fear of Missing Out) feeling when it comes to wanting to know what's on the ANT FARM! And Sokolov, I'm guessin the Scientist mad type, really makes me wanna know!


Props to the creator and hope your characters don't seize to exist LOL

Video For the game Here:


ps.. I'm a good Samaritan, but why the trash? XD

Really enjoyed this,i liked the comedy and the whole weirdeness of this game.Loved the end credits scene🤣definitely gonna play the full game when it comes out!!

I am excited to see where this one goes! I used to camp a lot with friends so this hit right at home with its creepy factor.

I played your demo through the Spectral Mall Demo Disc, thus the thumbnail!

Great game. Interesting concept and I love the voice acting. Definitely interested in trying the full game. 

Such an amazing Demo, You guys did a great job! I loved the art style, I loved the comedy, and I loved the eeriness. I can’t wait to see where the story goes and I am so pumped to play the full game once released. 

I loved it cant wait for the the full game!!!!

how do u download rar files

Hello! With a program like WinRar or 7zip, you can unzip files in order to play.

Here's a tutorial:

I really enjoyed playing the demo of this game! I can't wait for the full release! The only problem I had was using the key for the gas station. I grabbed the key and tried to unlock the door that's at the top of the stairs, but nothing happened. No dialogue and nothing happened with the door. I then tried to open the back door, but nothing happened and the key disappeared from my inventory. I had to restart the game. Otherwise I had a great time!


Thanks for the report. This should be fixed in the latest build. Thanks! -Mark

No problem! Hope to see plenty more doves!

This was honestly one of the best games well demo i played recently!

I LOVED this game, I simply cannot wait for the whole game, thank you for your hard work!

Are you thinking about translating the game to spanish? If so I can help you with that, I need to translate a game for a university project. :D

Well made demo lot of mystery left for the full game and definitely will wishlist! Here's my video on the demo 

Great demo! I was surprised when it ended, I wanted more

Playing a Hauted PS1 version, I got stuck inside an invisible wall after walking towards the abandoned fuel station.

My apologies! What spot of the map was this in? -Mark

Early in the hike, there's two abandoned fuel distributors next to the road. I went up to the right distributors and got stuck in te space between it and (iirc) the column

This Game is Awesome. I wishlisteded in Steam and also left a link In my description so more people Wishlist. Can`t wait for the full release.

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This game is amazing

ooo Yeah! I'm lookin forward to this one... Easy Wishlist 

I'm sure it'll be a good game

A thoroughly fun demo, the way it flows is like watching a really cool horror comedy, I love the setup and atmosphere, the puzzle was cute and I am so looking forward to the full game just to see where it goes. Great work!

El juego tiene mucho futuro espero que le hagáis una traducción al español,estaría genial

Pretty good game, I love the art style, the expressions. Shaders are really well made.

(I got stuck in that place)

Please make subtitles in portuguese for the game

Thanks for the report! -Mark


Just played the first part of the game and it’s really good I can’t wait to play more of it!!


I enjoyed the demo very much and sorry for not adding any Japanese and/or English subtitles to the upload. Overall, I have a high hope for the game but it needs some brush-ups.

Positives ✓ The fix camera angle brings out retro and eerie vibes. ✓ Weird jokes well fit in the humor and Lovecraftian genres. ✓ Dialogues with full voice over. And more!

Negatives ✓ Subtitles and voice are little too hard to comprehend due to the font size and the volume. I should have adjusted the volume better but I wish I could hear dialogues more clearly. ✓ There are lots of minor bugs but I understand that it’s still demo. ✓ Lack of language options. I understand that having more language options could cost more. Poor translations could ruin games but it would be nice to have more accessibilities depending on markets they are targeting for.

It was just $2 but I’m glad I donated the little money to support the developers. Definitely waiting for the full release 😊

The game atmosphere is well done it feels like i'm playing a Resident evil game. and the story is great looking forward for the full game :).

I just watched your devlog #1 on your YT channel, and its nice to see developers putting 100% effort to their game i wish you good luck and make the best game ever existed on this planet XD. And here's my gameplay, go check it out :)

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